Telemarketing (B2B) and Networking services

When we meet you for the first time, we listen to your objectives and requirements. We do ask of lots questions…… then jointly with you, put together a plan and strategy that is within your budget. Flexibility is key to  our approach and we can provide a single service or a range of integrated services to market your brand, generate leads and a develop your sales pipeline.
We comply with GDPR, Data Protection and PECR regulations sourcing data from GDPR compliant organisations.
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B2B telemarketing

B2B telemarketing has been a core part of our service for 10 years. We take time to learn about our clients' business, and really immerse ourselves in their USP’s, features and benefits, so we can comfortably have a conversation with prospects.


Networking like telemarketing has been another core service for 10 years. We represent your brand and services at networking events, exhibitions and trade shows as well as utilising our admin and telemarketing skills to help develop your brand awareness

Data base

Do you need targeted GDPR compliant data without paying hundreds of pounds for it?
We have sourced a provider who can save you time and money by not wasting time on poor quality data as well as ensuring compliance

Our B2B telemarketing and promotional services are bespoke to your business needs....below are some examples

B2B telemarketing

Our processes ensure your brand is promoted. We understand the GDPR rules and data supply rules and work within them thus protecting you and your brand. At the same time establishing a pipeline of new business contacts and opportunities.

TPS-CTPS checking service

Using your own data?  We can provide a TPS-CTPS checking service to ensure you are complying with the GDPR live telephone contact rules.


Face to face contact at networking meetings is a great way of growing your business sales pipeline and opportunities.
We have successfully provided this service for years. This has extended to attending meetings with a view to closing new business sales.

Data Sourcing

To ensure time and money is not wasted on irrelevant B2B telemarketing. (i.e. wrong numbers,non trading businesses,duplicate entries, branches of national organisations etc) we have sourced a GDPR compliant provider who will provide updated data.

Lead generation

Our lead generation and B2B telemarketing are very closely linked. Lead generation uses the telephone (in our process) to have a conversation about your goods or services with a decision maker and obtain permission to send further information and keep in touch until they are ready to buy. Preparation is vital  to understand your business, the sector and your objectives.


Whether its staff feedback surveys, or customer feedback surveys by telephone, we have a gentle but professional approach to  complete these surveys. 

We can help you with....

B2B Telemarketing
Lead generation
TPS-CTPS checking

If the service you require is not listed please email or call us.Tel: 07469 804353 or email

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