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BG Business Support is proud to provide volunteer 'virtual assistance' to the
'Nottinghamshire Carers Road Shows'.


BG Business Support has  provided a range of services to businesses in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire since 2009. 

These include B2B telemarketing, networking, social media, website support and a wide range of administration processes.

Our support services can be virtual or at  your business premises. We also attend functions and meetings on behalf of clients.

Having successfully operated a financial services franchise from 1989 to 2009, we understand that outsourcing certain business activities can be very cost effective and free up time for the business owner/directors to concentrate on business growth.

Telemarketing, Virtual Personal Assistant, Administration and Networking services.

Our first client was also a start up business and used our virtual administration service to dispatch quotes and invoices. 

B2B telemarketing was used by our second client.  Having developed a telemarketing process within his franchise, Bryan developed  these skills further for the benefit of clients and they proved highly successful. One long standing client gained a regional business innovation award as a result and we were on stage to receive the award with the clients.

Shortly afterwards networking was introduced, which again proved successful, growing the clients sales pipeline and led to awards for two more clients. One with the Institute of Directors which we attended on behalf of the client.

Other services followed including report writing, document creation, process mapping, bookkeeping, CRM updates, staff feedback surveys, customer feedback surveys and custom built support….. the list goes on.

The B2B telemarketing service, coupled with email, networking and lead generation process has proved successful for many clients and are core services.

Eddie became a partner in 2015.

What our clients say about us.

You can see these in more detail on our testimonials page http://www.bg-businesssupport.co.uk/testimonials/ and on our Yell.com page.
A few of the kind words and phrases are ‘trust with our brand’,  ‘take ownership of the job’, ‘integrity’, ‘results orientated’, ‘transparency’, ‘go the extra mile’.

We pride ourselves on achieving these responses as they match our values and ethos.

We work closely with our clients keeping them informed of progress and building trusted relationships. These attributes have been instrumental not only in our growth, but also in the growth of our clients and their brands. 

Approved provider:

  • For a local authority which has approved us to work on a B2B telemarketing project.
  • To a well known regional marketing company. They have us listed as an approved telemarketing provider for both them and their clients. We are also a virtual administration provider to the directors.
  • A national company has approved us to provide networking and  networking training plus virtual administration support for their head office and their franchised branches.

Virtual Assistant services

Eddie has developed the virtual assistant services further.

He is proficient with a range of hardware, software and apps required to efficiently provide the service.

We ensure we comply with best practice processes.

We have contacts with a number of professionals including legal, marketing, financial services and accountancy should a client need help we are not qualified to provide..

Please contact us to talk about how we can assist you. 
Tel: 07469 804353 or email: admin@bg-businesssupport.co.uk

Eddie Gray

Eddie became a partner in BG Business Support in 2015. His background is in sales both direct/face to face and over the telephone/telemarketing. He has a wide knowledge of Microsoft and Apple software and hardware as well as up to date knowledge of various apps and different CRM systems required to help our customers. He is talented and hard working with a high degree of trust and integrity as can be seen from the testimonials he has received.

Bryan Gray

Bryan set up BG Business Support in 2009. He has a degree in banking plus numerous financial planning and mortgage qualifications. Before setting up BG Business Support he was a franchise owner for 20 years. Prior to that he was a high street bank manager. He recognises the value of outsourcing certain functions to help a business grow. He is known 'to go the extra mile' for his customers and is passionate about trustworthiness and integrity.

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