Website Building and SEO Support

If you want to learn more about our website building and SEO services, please keep reading.

Website Building

Nowadays a website is like an online business card and is so important for a business' image. Most potential customers will look on Google to find your site before possibly buying from you.

SEO Support

SEO is so important to a website's growth and stability. With our SEO support service for an hourly fee, using a pre-set budget by you. We will work with you to help improve your website SEO rankings.

Website Maintenance

Our maintenance service is a £50 per month service. Plug-ins are key to a website's function. So what we do is we will monitor your website weekly and make sure it is updated and functioning well and properly.

WordPress Care and Maintenance Service

For just £50 per month we manually maintain WordPress website plug ins.

What is a Plug-in and what do we do?

For a WordPress website to operate it will have a variety of ‘Plug-ins’. These ‘Plug-ins’ are software apps used to make your site not only look good, (the theme) but also make it functional. E.g creating a contact form or gallery.  They also have security plug ins, SEO plug-ins, back up plug-ins, plug-ins to increase the speed at which your site loads, gallery plug-ins……….the list goes on and on.  There are thousands of these plug-ins, not all are compatible. Many are free or have free elements to them.

They are great, BUT if not upgraded your site you could be vulnerable to attack, develop conflicts or certain things could stop working. It is important to have your plug ins updated before any WordPress update. 

For £50.00 per month I check your site every week and update the plug ins that require updating. This helps keep you site secure, functional and also helps with SEO.

If you are a new business or an established business please do get in touch with Eddie on 07469 804 353.

Website Building and SEO Support Service

This is includes:

  • WordPress website build (5 pages)
  • Discussion on style and content
  • Client provided content added (Client to provide content – Logo, colour pantone numbers etc.)
  • Plugins downloaded and set up
  • Initial SEO put in place
  • Personalised SEO titles created for Google
  • Set up of Google Webmaster Tools (Which includes: Google Analytics, Google My Business and Sitemaps)
  • Social media links attached to profiles

We love assisting local and nationwide businesses with improving their online presence.