Welcome to BG Business Support.

Providing B2B telemarketing, virtual assistant and office administration support to businesses in Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby and the East Midlands since 2009.
Our flexible bespoke services can be either virtual or at your place of business.
We have helped our clients grow with some winning prestigious business awards.

Our clients concentrate on their growth and leave us to handle the business support required to meet their growth needs.

Who do we work with?

Our business support services including custom developed services, telemarketing , virtual assistant and personal administration assistant at your office are mainly used by businesses from Nottingham, Mansfield and Derby. Most of our clients are mainly small to medium sized businesses including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. We also work with third sector organisations and have provided B2B telemarketing services to a local authority.  We have supported clients with telemarketing and administration on a  virtual assistant basis as far north as Edinburgh and as far south as London.

The sectors of business we have worked with  include marketing, HR, financial services, trades, IT, print, social care and many more. 

We work directly with business owners and directors, marketing companies, marketing departments and sales teams.

Support Services.

We understand businesses have different requirements, as such our most popular service cannot really be given a name as its highly flexible and custom made for each business we work with.   Please call or email to find out how we can help. Tel: 07469 804353 or email: admin@bg-businesssupport.co.uk

Some of the general types of support services we provide are listed below with more on our ‘Office Administration Services’ page. http://www.bg-businesssupport.co.uk/administration-services-virtual-assistant/and our Telemarketing Services’page   http://www.bg-businesssupport.co.uk/telemarketing-services/

 >B2B telemarketing.
 >Recruitment support
 >Virtual Assistant handling your bespoke administration requirements.
 > Personal Assistant at your place of business dealing with your administration needs.

For regular work carried out at your place of business our minimum package of support is half a day and for virtual assistant work it is 1 hour.

Single projects and regular work.

Our B2B telemarketing service can be for a single project or as part of a marketing strategy carried out over the longer term. Our clients tell us the best results are indeed obtained over the longer term.  The  administration support, whether virtual or at your office, can also be for a single project or for regular support.
We find our admin services are used to cover staff absence or provide help until a member of staff is recruited. Often though we provide a helping pair of hands to smooth the work flow.

As we are under the VAT threshold we do not charge VAT which helps the budgets of similar sized businesses to ours and those in VAT exempt sectors such as social care.

Why choose BG Business Support?

Reliable – Trusted – Experienced – Outcome Focused – Dependable – Honest

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